"...He puts his heart and soul into every one of his projects and I feel that makes his work come out on top against all others."

- Ana Austin (Designer)

    “...he is most concerned with the emotions and actions on screen. Not that he doesn't focus on technical elements, but the directors you remember are the ones who elicit responses from their actors, who know how to bring empathy or catharsis to the audience. In that sense, Xander really is a great artist, he puts his heart and soul into it.”

- Marissa Zumbo (Writer/Actress)

“...passionate about what he does, cares tremendously for his clients, and works diligently to ensure that the work he does is crafted with passion and care and meets or exceeds client goals. He has a good eye and a great heart.”

- H. Alexander Buffalo (MFA)

    “...He communicates his vision with ease; and his direction, imbued with professionalism and a friendly touch, elevates every person and project to the best they can be."

- Lazaro Perez (Animator)

“...his crew is highly organized and efficient when they are on a set. Xander will listen to your points and take them to heart so that you'll get an end product that's custom to you and you only. Working with Xander's Eye Productions will guarantee you great results!”

- Carolyn Baldwin (Owner & Designer of Innovative-Aesthetics)

    “...Any time and money invested in a Xander's Eye project would be very well invested indeed. I strongly and very highly recommend this company for most any entertainment event or production. They are the future of entertainment!”

- Emilio Diaz (Executive Producer EDiaz Studios)

“...he has earned a spot on a very short list of people I would have come out to every project. Great creative mind, great attitude, great guy."

- Scott Sullivan (Director/DP)

“...Passion, trustworthiness and skill, plus a love for serving the people he is working with make him and his production company a top choice for film-making in the industry!”

- Carla Cottrell (Pasco County Teacher of the Year 2012-2013)

“...I highly recommend him! He's definitely one to watch over the years as his talent will take him to do great things!”

- Felix Figueruelo (DJ for DJ Felix Productions)

“...He did our wedding video and it truly caught the magic of the day. I couldn't have asked for anything better. He gets to know you on a personal level so he knows what you like and what would go right for you.”

- Trisha Sauls

"...He really uses his vision to create something amazing. He puts his heart into everything he does and really strives to make sure those he is working with are as happy as possible while still demonstrating hard work."

- Jessica Lemon (Actress)